Discover the secrets to supercharge any
innovation project

What You'll Learn

Innovation Discovery

A concise analysis of the the types of innovation available to any organisation, the opportunities and some of the associated myths.


Explore how to turn the risk and uncertainty of innovation into a clear advantage, one of the superpowers of innovation teams.


Discover a process to solve problems and make decisions to kickstart any innovation project in just a couple of hours.

This guide is for people who want to...

✅ Create a culture of team innovation

✅ Be more strategic in starting innovation projects

✅ Lead a team in discovering innovations for new and existing products

✅ Guide and align a engaged team, cutting through the noise and busy work

Top 3 Innovation Performance Obstacles


Long development times

Enemy #1, development dragging on for months and projects left open-ended, killing momentum and opportunity for new or follow-up initiatives.


Selecting the right ideas

The big problem here is teams don't have a recipe for aligning around the best ideas and then how to action them.


The risk-averse

Nobody wants to fail. If we can embrace risk and use it to our advantage, we change culture and open a world of new opportunities.

Source: BCG survey

Success Stories

Companies who worked with us

A fresh approach to action what matters most for customers & colleagues.

Mary French
Head of Marketing

The agile and energetic approach drove progress rather than perfection.

Kevin McCarthy

The methodology created a shared sense of ownership around team and projects.

Lís Ní Dhálaigh
Product Development
National Broadcaster