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What a workshop at Unmake looks like

Together, alone

There is no open brainstorming or discussions, but we are working towards a common goal. It removes politics and influence, allowing the time and space to work through solutions.

We don't rely on 'creativity'

‘Design Thinking’ probably comes to mind, this can be off-putting, as most people are not designers. Our workshops are designed so you don’t need to be creative to produce creative, interesting, innovative solutions.

Everything is anonymous

Our workshops remove bias and allow participants to be more adventurous. For example, after ideating on solutions ‘together, alone’, all ideas are presented anonymously. The team then votes on the ideas without knowing who did what.

Our workshops are for teams that want to...

✅ Create a culture of team innovation

✅ Be more strategic in starting projects

✅ Lead a team in discovering innovations for new and existing products

✅ Guide, align and engage a team, cutting through the noise and busy work

Success Stories

Companies who worked with us


A fresh approach to action what matters most for customers & colleagues.

Mary French
Head of Marketing


The agile and energetic approach drove progress rather than perfection.

Kevin McCarthy

National Broadcaster

The methodology created a shared sense of ownership around team and projects.

Lís Ní Dhálaigh
Product Development

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